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©2017 by Rock Solid Productions, LLC

Live Sound Equipment

Presonus StudioLive 16.4.2 Series III

Yamaha MG124cx Mixing Board
2 Behringer Eurolive B115D Mains
2 Podium PP1505A Mains
Acoustic 4 channel Amplifier
Fender Bassman 60 Bass Amp
CB Rock Drum Set
Chauvet Lighting

Effects Pedals

Vintage Graphic Fuzz
Boss Bass Overdrive
Radial Tone Bone
Electro Harmonix Big Muff (Bass)
Boss Delay/Reverb
The Metalizer
MXR dyna comp
Planet Waves Tuner
Crybaby WahWah
Boss Volume Pedal
Pedal Train pedalboard w/Voodoo power block
Beringer Volume Pedal
Arion Stereo Phaser
Electro Harmonix Bass Balls


Samick SG150C Baby Grand Piano
Fender Rhodes MKII Stage 88
Hohner Pianet T
Yamaha P80 keyboard
Custom-built jazz drum set
CB rock drum set
Various Cymbals
Various hand percussion (tambourines, claves, cowbells, guiro, etc.)
Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitar
Takamine Acoustic Guitar
12-string Acoustic Guitar
Yamaha RBX460 Bass Guitar
Peavy Millenium 5-string Bass Guitar
Godin A4 SA Fretless Bass Guitar
Fender Resonator Bass Guitar
Fender Mandolin
1860's Violin
5-string Electric Violin
Ivan Dunov Cello
Mark Wood 6-string Cobra Electric Cello
Miscellaneous Recorders
Yamaha Tenor Sax


Advanced Audio DM20

Advanced Audio CM87 (matched pair)
AKG D112
Audio Technica AT2035
Blue Bluebird
Blue Encore 100 (matched pair)
Audix Fireball V Beatbox/Harmonica Mic
Rode NT5 (matched pair)
Sennheiser E805
Shure KSM32 (2)
Shure SM57 (2)
Shure SM57 beta
Shure SM58 (2)

Amplifiers and Speaker Cabinets

Ampeg VT22 (vintage)
Avatar speaker cabinet for Bass
Avatar speaker cabinet for Guitar
Fender Bassman (1963 vintage)
Fender Bassman 60
Fender Champion 600 (reissue)
Fender Deluxe Reverb II (vintage)
Hartke HA3500 bass amp
Hartke bass cabinet (mid/high)
Hartke bass cabinet (low)
Leslie 125 Tone Cabinet (vintage)
Marshall JCM 900
Mesa Boogie Bass Prodigy

Recording Equipment

AVID Artist Series
Universal Audio Apollo
Focusrite ISA 828
Aphex Project Channel
Aphex 207 Two Channel Tube Preamplifier
Art Pro Channel
Hearback Headphone System
Sennheiser HD 201 Headphones
KRK VXT8 Monitors


AVID ProTools 12
Digital Performer 7
Sibelius 8
UAD2 PlugIns
Waves Platinum
Slate PlugIns
Adobe Premiere CC
Adobe Photoshop CC
Adobe Lightroom CC